Wednesday, April 10, 2013

BBC News - David Cameron: Thatcher an extraordinary leader

BBC News - David Cameron: Thatcher an extraordinary leader: "David Cameron has paid tribute to Baroness Thatcher as an "extraordinary leader and an extraordinary woman".

Mr Cameron told MPs at the start of a specially convened session the former prime minister "defined and overcame the great challenges of her age".

He praised her achievements in breaking through the "glass ceiling" and said she had made Britain "great" again.

Ed Miliband said she had been a "unique and towering figure" but said he had disagreed with much of what she did.

Mr Cameron opened the tribute debate in the Commons, saying: "As Winston Churchill put it there are some politicians who make the weather and Margaret Thatcher was undoubtedly one of them."

'From grocer's shop to PM'
He added: "They say 'cometh the hour, cometh the man', well in 1979 came the hour and came the lady."

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