Saturday, May 4, 2013

Victoria Beckham POB Hair Bob | Grazia Beauty

Victoria Beckham POB Hair Bob | Grazia Beauty: "Victoria Beckham (trickster that she is) sent Twitter sparks flying on Tuesday when she posted pictures of herself ditching the hair extensions and fashioning a tousled bob inspired by the gorgeous Christie Turlington.

A source close to the lady herself says that she simply tucked her (still very long hair) into the back of her dressing gown for a little pre-shoot prank. Anti-climax or what?…

Arguments raged around which style suited the pop-diva-turned-designer best. Who could forget the Posh Spice bob she accessorised with all those LBDs, the his ‘n hers crops sported as she exchanged vows with today’s birthday boy Becks, and the long ponytail that she swished around the shows at fashion week this season? We’re already voting for our favourites here in the Grazia office, which one is yours?

By Annie Vischer"

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